Bio-CELL system provides integrated production including MES LIMS ELN QMS WMS.

Release Date:2021-03-08
It is different from the standardized production process of common drugs, the links of cell production process (including cell transportation and storage, cell culture observation, QC quality control, OOS, OOT, finished product release, cell transfusion, return visit, etc.) are more closely connected, the production cycle is shorter, more individual oriented and more accurate, and the traditional solutions seem to be unable to meet the requirements. Bio-CELL system  provides integrated cell production management system (MES), laboratory information management system (LIMS), electronic experiment record book (ELN), warehouse management system (WMS), sample bank management system (bio bank) and quality management system (QMS). In the Bio-CELL platform, the requirement of building and maintaining user-defined interface of third-party system is reduced. Bio-CELL integrated solution unifies production, experiment, quality and other data on one platform, ensuring the integrity control of data records that GMP pays most attention to.

In the view of pharmaceutical companies, MES, LIMS, ELN, QMS and WMS systems cost millions to implement a single system, and the implementation cycle is very long. Is it reliable to include a computer system platform? First of all, the focus of Bio-CELL platform is cell production business, which is a professional system platform for cell production and related business. All links of the platform focus on the unified production goal, and integrate all information into the unified platform, which is necessary to ensure the integrity and traceability of data records. Of course, the system integrated on the Bio-CELL platform is not an information island, and it also needs to communicate with other systems in the enterprise. The Bio-CELL system provides the current popular restful, WebService and other standard interfaces to ensure that it can connect with the peripheral systems of the enterprise. When enterprises already have LIMS, QMS, bio bank and WMS systems, there is no need to worry about repeated investment. For example, the warehouse management system (WMS) in Bio-CELL is integrated with the enterprise's overall ERP or financial system to realize the traceability of reagents and other raw and auxiliary materials in a single batch. Moreover, the enterprise level ERP system realizes the supply chain management on the whole enterprise level.