From V1.0 to V8.0, Bio-LIMS® Laboratory Information Management System Development

Release Date:2022-04-12

origin and development

At the beginning of its establishment in 2012, the founders of Beijing Bio-LIMS have successfully developed Bio-LIMS® 1.0 by virtue of their background in informatization and life science, and intensive and thorough development work after a thorough investigation of the current situation of laboratory informatization. product. From the company's founding year to today, Bio-LIMS® V8.0 has been launched.

Different from the information system of the overseas brand laboratory,The Bio-LIMS® system from the startAdhere to independent research and development,It reflects the flexibility of independent intellectual property rights and ensures the full scalability of the system Bio-LIMS® has gradually formed the main line of precision medicine laboratories, connecting all links including dry experiments, wet experiments, laboratory environment, laboratory safety, laboratory personnel, reagent consumables, instruments and equipment, testing processes, etc. full life cycle management.

For precision medicine laboratories, it is far from enough to introduce only one set of information systems. What is more important is the output of best practices.A start-up laboratory can plan the laboratory management process through the Bio-LIMS® system, recruit corresponding personnel according to the system roles, and set up the experimental management process according to the system process. This is the embodiment of the best practice.

In the process of continuous growth of the company and products, Bio-olimon has experienced the process of internationalization, and the Bio-LIMS® system has also been fully internationalized.Bio-LIMS®International version is more in line with the requirements of international customers and has been successfully promoted to overseas laboratories. Currently the Bio-LIMS® system is divided into a bilingual version for domestic laboratory users and an International version for international laboratory users.The Bio-LIMS® system also meets the requirements of increasingly stringent international and national regulations.

Case Studies

The following are representative cases of several precision medicine laboratories that have been successfully launched in 2021.

Generic(Nasdaq: GTH) is a leading global cancer precision medicine company. Its laboratory in the United States, Genetron Health INC, carries a large number of molecular detection services. The Bio-LIMS® International system has been successfully launched and entered the online maintenance stage to support the development of Genetron Health.

Predicine is an international high-tech company focusing on precision diagnosis and precision medicine. Team members come from the forefront of the industry. The Bio-LIMS® system has been supporting its laboratories in the U.S. and China, launching several precision medicine business modules, and continuing follow-up collaborations.

G42 is a technology giant in the Middle East, and its precision medicine laboratory undertakes the detection work of the local national genome project. The laboratory business is complex, involving foreign systems and equipment from many different countries, and laboratory personnel from all over the world. After the Bio-LIMS® International system goes online, it supports the development of laboratory business and continuously expands new business functions.
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