Product Upgrade 2023! The New Version of Bio-LIMS 9.0 System

Release Date:2023-03-14

Bio-LIMS © The New Upgrade Starts Here

BioTechLeague has been deeply involved in precision medicine and innovative Bio-pharmaceutical Industry, and constantly innovated on the basis of Life Science information industry.

Adhering to the practice concept of "Digital Empowerment Driving Change", continuous innovation, iteration and self-breakthrough, and with the corporate mission of providing whole-process Digital Solutions for the global precision medicine and innovative biological medicine industry, the Bio-LIMS9.0 is launched by the BioTechLeague team-work.

The series of technology releases of this annual event will surely become a new driving force for the development of technology and industry, so as to better serve and give back to our loyal customers and partners who have accompanied our rapid development along the way.

Bio-LIMS9.0 Machine Learning Framework

Bio-LIMS9.0 introduces Machine Learning Framework, which can realize active quality prediction, work scheduling, cost and other prediction functions based on existing big data according to user needs.

Users can automatically extract high-level features from data, learn complex mapping relationships, and accurately classify and predict different application scenarios.

Pathological Experiment Refinement: Bio-LIMS9.0 version adds two modules: [Sampling] and [Embedding Section Staining], and expands the refinement branch function of the secondary menu to meet the diversified needs of the experimental process.

Enhanced Report Configuration Function: support the editing function of Word version, and can quickly insert tables/pictures and other forms. The report is configured with logo and basic information to realize automatic update and replacement of batch reports, with WYSIWYG effect.

Upgrade of The Inspection Report Function: Bio-LIMS9.0 version adds the function of generating the inspection report in each experiment. You can freely check the [Test Form] list to generate each independent inspection report;

Efficient and Convenient Query Function: a more complete patient file information management module, with the addition of the function of viewing the historical results for a single patient, is convenient for the operator to query the patient's treatment file information more flexibly, conveniently and quickly;

Based on the advantages of BioTechLeague and Alibaba Cloud cooperation,  to further exert the ultimate performance, make the software better integrated with the cloud, greatly improve the efficiency and user experience of software services in delivery, deployment and subsequent management, and go further on the way to help users achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. 

To provides one-stop service for enterprises such as large-scale research hospitals, national laboratories and research institutes in the field of life science and medicine, third-party medical testing laboratories, gene and biotechnology companies, and other enterprises from research to production.