Product Upgrade 2023! The New Version of Bio-Research 5.0 System

Release Date:2023-03-14

Bio-Research © The New Upgrade Starts Here

Bio-Research has always been the focus of Bio-Research ©  advantages - on the basis of ensuring the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of records, focus on "Paperless Transformation,Knowledge Management,Data Inheritance", constantly explore and develop new module functions that are more user-friendly, convenient and practical, help enterprise users break through the bottleneck, and not only achieve the goal of "Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase, Collaborative Sharing, Compliance and Quality Protection", but also Achieve Knowledge Management and IP Protection of Experience Inheritance. It also provides the management with visual and traceable comprehensive data analysis as decision support to build the core competitiveness of the development frontier.

Bio-Research 5.0 introduces AI artificial intelligence, GxP digitization, IoT, and cloud technology to build a Security, Compliance, Intelligence, and Traceable Cloud Information Management Platform.

Bio-Research 5.0 not only meets the complete recording function of standardization and standardization of R&D data, but also greatly saves the time for R&D personnel to record experiments and data statistics, reduces the number of repeated experiments resulting in the waste of R&D resources and the delay of R&D project progress.

In addition, it can also effectively solve the problems of department collaboration & sharing, and multi-region management, break the data island to achieve real-time data retrieval and traceability, visual comprehensive analysis and decision-making reference.

Plug-in Mode

Plug-in mode is added in the experiment process to facilitate the real-time data collection of research and development personnel, and to record the experiment process more flexibly, quickly and efficiently to meet diversified needs.

Recording Function

It supports voice intelligent input function, and thoroughly solves the pain point problems of hard recording of scattered data information and difficult description of complex experimental phenomena. In the experimental steps, scientists can focus on the experiment and bind the voice input system to the experiment immediately by clicking.

Document Management System

Including document preparation, validation, retirement, distribution and recycling, etc., to realize standardized and systematic management of research and development laboratories, and make data more standardized, complete, authentic, reliable, safe, confidential, verifiable and reproducible.