Product Upgrade 2023! The New Version of Bio-CELL 6.0 System

Release Date:2023-03-14

In 2017, Bio-Cell version 1.0 was released to the market, and BioTechLeague Technical team-members started the R&D of Stem Cell Production Workshop Informatization, which also marked the official entry of Bio-Cell into the stem cell production industry.

After five years, BioTechLeague has never stopped innovating and seeking. In the process of practice and evolution, we have always adhered to the practice concept of "Digital Empowerment Drives Change", continuous innovation, iteration and self-breakthrough, and the Corporate Mission of Providing Whole-process Digital Solutions for the Global Precision Medicine and Innovative Bio-pharmaceutical Industry. Today, we are fully confident to launch the new and upgraded version of Bio-Cell 5.0.

Bio-CELL 6.0 added the tracking system functions, including: hospital end application form entry, sample shipment, back-transfer application initiation, back-transfer plan confirmation, finished product receipt confirmation, cell recovery, cell infusion confirmation, tracking follow-up, product production process, user management and other functions, to achieve the tracking management of cell product Life-cycle data.

Bio-CELL 6.0 is applicable to the clinical pilot and large-scale production stages of Cell and Gene Therapy enterprises. Its product traceability function is combined with Bio-CELL production (MES), inspection (LIMS), QA and other functions, and integrates data such as "R&D, production, experiment, and quality control" in all aspects to ensure the product safety, compliance, controllability, and traceability, realizing the goal of no dead corner management in the whole life cycle of Cell and Gene Therapy.

The unique code of cell preparation runs through the whole cell life cycle. From the entry of the application form, it goes through the steps of sample transportation, sample reception, production reception, production planning, production, frozen storage, recovery, passage, and outsourcing. After the release of finished products, it finally completes the cell transfusion, forming a two-way traceability Chain of Custody (COC) and Identity Chain (COI).

Bio-CELL 6.0 supports a large number of convenient operations, AI applications, click and select functions, reduces a large number of cumbersome entry operations, and realizes real-time environmental monitoring and statistics.

From the beginning of patient enrollment, the overall treatment cycle plan is planned in advance according to the preset conditions, so as to improve the efficient management and reasonable control of production resources in the production workshop, so as to control the overall treatment plan.