Bio LIMS INC attends ADLM 2023(75th AACC)

Release Date:2023-08-05

Anaheim, California - July 27, 2023 - T
ADLM(Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine) 2023 / 75th AACC ( American Association for Clinical Chemistry), held from July 23rd to 27th at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, has concluded on a resounding note of success. This prestigious event witnessed a gathering of over 100 countries, featuring 300+ leading experts, and a staggering 940+ exhibitors, reaffirming its position as the epicenter of global clinical testing advancement.
Among the distinguished attendees was Mr. Ni Yi, the representative of Bio LIMS INC, who was accorded a special invitation to participate in this year's AACC Annual Meeting themed "WE ARE ONE, GLOBAL LAB MEDICINE COMMUNITY". Mr. Ni Yi engaged in insightful discussions and networking sessions with eminent professionals from the international medical community and pioneers in clinical laboratory science.

The event served as a catalyst for the exchange of groundbreaking research, innovative technologies, and collaborative initiatives, bolstering the global lab medicine community. Attendees were privy to the latest advancements in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, and cutting-edge laboratory practices.

The ADLM continues to be the vanguard of progress in lab medicine, fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration among professionals worldwide. As the event drew to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a shared commitment to advancing the frontiers of clinical testing.