Our Edge
  • Specs

    Browser-Based Application

    Service-Oriented Architecture

    Instruments Intergration

    Optional Remote Deployment

  • Features

    Mobile Access

    Paperless Data Collection

    Unique ID For All Entities

    User-Configurable Workflow 

    Comply With 21 CFR PART 11

  • Numbers

    83% More Departmental Collaboration

    Reduce 74% of QC/QA Workload

    Lower 20% of Administrative Cost

    15% Increase in Capital Efficiency 

About Us

Bio-LIMS, the name of our company, tells our mission. Back in the day of 2010, our founders, composed of genomics scientists, senior software engineers, and enterprise-resource-planning consultants, realized both the opportunities and challenges that molecular biology industry would be faced with in the NGS era. Therefore, we determined to build a LIMS whose fundamental purpose is to help biology lab to operate as a successful enterprise.

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